Wow you’re different from me.

Look at you, sitting there reading this blog post (maybe even in a different language!)

You, with your different hair than me. You, with your different chair and your different computer your different clothes and your different house with different decor. Your different choice of lip color (or lack thereof) and different jewelry. You, sitting there, with your different interests and different opinions on politics and religion, on health care and civil rights. You, with your different movie choices and music tastes and your different dreams and goals.

Gosh, you’re really different. The foods you eat, the places you visit. The company you keep and the money you make. The things you think are important, and the things that aren’t so much. It’s all really different.

And it’s all perfectly okay.

YOU are perfectly okay.

Though we are so very different, we are spiritual equals.

In my years traveling the world and studying the human body, the one thing that has remained constant across the whole human race is the manner by which our bodies store emotions. How is that relevant?

Because no matter where you fall in the socio economic or geographical scheme of things, you are a physical manifestation of a whole lifetime of stored emotion, and so am I. The experiences we’ve had in our lives are so very different , and in turn, so are we.

How wonderful!

Have you ever felt that you were just way too different? How did you remind yourself that you were perfect the way you are? What tips do you have for staying at peace with and true to yourself?