Patti Conklin

With lifelong gifts, Patti Conklin, Ph.D can assist you on your healing journey using her world famous ColorWorks, Cellular Cleansing, ToneWorks. As a Medical Intuitive, Vibrational Mediator her gifts has allowed successful work with over 100,000 people worldwide.
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God Within: The Day God’s Train Stopped from Bob Keeton.

“Patti Conklin is recognized worldwide as an intuitive and expert in vibrational healing. Her first book has now been published. In it, Patti withholds nothing about how disease and healing operate. In fact, with the book alone, you have everything needed to begin your own healing journey.”

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Title: Cellular Cleansing Certification Training
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Date: October 29 – November 2
Time: Multi-day, daylong
Location: Lake Allatoona, GA
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Title: Holistic Health Expo
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Date: Oct 18 – 19
Time: Multi-day, daylong
Location: Soccer Sportsplex – North Olmsted, OH
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Patti will be interviewed by: Sandra Beck and Linda Franklin
Date: Tue, Oct 21
Time: 6pm – 7pm EST
Show: Powered Up Talk Radio
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