With lifelong gifts, Patti Conklin, Ph.D can assist you on your healing journey using her world famous ColorWorks, Cellular Cleansing, ToneWorks. As a Medical Intuitive, Vibrational Mediator her gifts has allowed successful work with over 100,000 people worldwide.

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Title: Vibrational Medicine/Medical Intuitive Certification Training
Date:August 2 – 3
Time: Full Day
Location:Fellowships of the Spirit
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Title: Lecture at the Coptic Conference
Date: Sat, May 17
Time: 4:15pm EST
Location: Johnson City, TN
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group cellulars
Title: Group Cellular Cleansing with Patti Conklin
Date: Sun, May 18th
Time: Following closing ceremony of Coptic Conference
Location: Holiday Inn, Johnson City, TN
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