Have you ever wondered about ‘energy’? Where it comes from? How does it affect us? How do we make use of it? What does it really MEAN? Is it active or stagnant?

I question this daily. As I look through the world with my lenses and beliefs, I look at everything moving, shaking, and constantly changing. This photo of me sitting on the back porch of my houseboat – the water looks calm in one moment, then ripples from the fish swimming right below the surface. Can you look at this picture of me right now and see the different energy signatures? Not only of my body, but of the water itself and the ’empty’ air right behind me?

Have you ever wondered about what energy really is?  The words, energy, frequency, and vibration are used throughout the world as interchangeable words.  Vibration, energy and frequency are all particles taking shape and disappearing according to your belief and lenses. Look at this photo right now and write your response of information in the comment box!  When you get done with this little experiment, look at the information of the Georgia Vibrational Tour, May 12th-16. You could come here – right here – and spend time in the exact spot where this photo was taken; get your own ‘vibe’ of me sitting here!  It’s going to be so much fun, taking all of you on this guided tour of major energy spots here in Georgia, and we’ll even share a beautiful catered meal at my home .Hopefully the weather will be great so we can be captained out onto the lake for our dinner! You will be able to experience all the frequencies here in Georgia for 5 days of incredible insight, growth and pure fun, especially the gemming. I LOVE gemming and I love guiding you through this experience also! Go home with your own collection of crystals, emeralds, rubies…So much to do 🙂

Let me send you a challenge!!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and views of just this simple picture. There are so many different vibrations taking place in this one snap shot! Remember, there is no right or wrong! What you perceive is yours and yours alone. You perceive according to your history, your life experiences, your understanding of your own gift. Write to me on this blog! What do you see in my frequency, the water behind me?  The fish that are swimming beneath what looks to be water? The energy patterns in the air up over my head?  We all see different things according to what we “know”, but all of us have the capability to use our five senses to discern WHAT is actually taking place within our own perception!