Intensive Cellular Cleansing
Intensive Cellular CleansingPrivate, Confidential, One-on-One
Did you know: An Intensive Cellular Cleansing includes 2 full days one-on-one compassionate, dedicated healing plus 6 months of follow up appointments and all the materials you’ll need for independent work and healing? The Intensive is perfect for physical and emotional ailments alike. With a recent price reduction and flexible payment plans, perfect wellness is more attainable than before!
Words and Perceptions
Words and PerceptionsLive Video Course
Our ability to set and maintain healthy perceptions is the key to our physical and emotional wellness, for how we speak and feel is literally absorbed into our cells.The next live video course is Words and Perceptions on April 23 at 6pm Eastern. The course is $89 and includes a workbook for critical thinking. This live video course is the most requested course that I offer!