I often hear from parents that “homework” is one of the hardest things to get their children to accomplish at home! Here are a few strategies to overcome this obstacle:

  • Establish a homework schedule with your child.
  • Provide a daily structured time and space for them to do their homework.
  • Homework should never be left until the morning before school starts! The mornings are time to eat a healthy breakfast and prepare for the day.
  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for assisting their children with homework and checking that it is completed. DO NOT complete the homework for them. If your child is struggling with a concept, assist by using their textbook or other resource materials. Inform the teacher if your child continues to struggle.
  • Children are often challenged with the amount of time required to complete assignments. A great strategy is breaking homework time into intervals. Encourage physical exercise or a protein snack during breaks.

Contact the teacher if your child continues to require an excess amount of time to complete homework or is unable to complete assignments. Your child may be distracted, not understanding, unmotivated or just exhausted. These are important pieces of the puzzle that will provide excellent information for you and their teacher.